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The UCSF Industry Documents Library is collecting documents related to the opioid epidemic which have been publicly released through litigation, investigative journalism, public records requests, and other sources.

UCSF's work to preserve and provide public access to millions of documents released in litigation against the tobacco industry has shown that this access is critical for scientific research, policymaking, and protection of public health. The Truth Tobacco Industry Documents archive has led to over 1,000 peer-reviewed works, government reports, news articles, and other publications which have contributed to a global reduction in smoking and related diseases, saving millions of lives worldwide.

It is our aim to preserve and provide access to publicly disclosed documents which shed light on the causes of the opioid epidemic - such as internal records of opioid manufacturers and distributors, marketing and promotional materials, in-house research, lobbying records, and court documents - to enable researchers, journalists, policymakers, and the public to investigate the roots of this public health crisis and ensure that these harms do not occur again.

Please contact us to learn more about this work or to contribute documents.

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