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City and County of San Francisco et al v. Purdue Pharma L.P. et al.

The records in this collection come from the case City and County of San Francisco et al v. Purdue Pharma L.P. et al. (Docket No. 3:18-cv-07591)
The original lawsuit included allegations against multiple defendants, including the Sackler family, as well as opioid manufacturers and distributors. Several defendants settled before trial. Defendants Allergan and Teva settled during trial, at the conclusion of closing arguments. Walgreens was the sole remaining defendant, facing a single allegation of causing a public nuisance by failing to investigate suspicious opioid prescriptions before dispensing them. A verdict was returned against Walgreens and a later trial will determine damages.


The documents consist of 1707 trial exhibits, 37 declarations, and 31 volumes of trial transcripts. Exhibits in the collection are from Allergan and Teva, as well as Walgreens. The exhibits relating to Walgreens consist of prior settlement agreements with the Drug Enforcement Administration and Department of Justice, emails, sales data (including ARCOS reports), internal audit reports, SOM (Suspicious Order Monitoring) training materials, and employee compensation information. Names frequently appearing in email correspondence are Walgreens executives Tasha Polster, Edward Bratton, and Justin Coyle. Additionally, there are many emails from Walgreens pharmacists and pharmacy staff to corporate executives regarding their concerns about several doctors and their prescribing practices. Other documents reveal the impacts of the opioid epidemic on the city of San Francisco.

Dates: 1998-2022

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