Mallinckrodt Email Tracker

This interactive table represents over 500,000 emails contained in the Mallinckrodt Litigation Documents collection.
The data has been sorted by sender/author to make the emails more manageable.
Each row of the table includes:
  1. the person or email address that sent the email; 
  2. the number of messages in the archive sent from that person or email address;
  3. a link to a search results set showing all messages sent from that person or email address
  4. How to Search

    Sender data can be filtered alphabetically using the A-Z buttons. Please note: Because of the mixed formats of proper names and email addresses in the metadata, filtering by letter may occur on first name, last name OR email address. This will not be last name only. If you know the name or email address of the sender, a search by name or keyword in the Search Box may yield more precise results. Use the << Page >> arrows to move to the previous or next page of results.