Sales Visits By Mallinckrodt

This searchable table represents over 1,000,000 visits by Mallinckrodt sales representatives to prescribers, distributors, and pharmacists around the United States between 2009-2015.

Please Note: this table was created by the UCSF-JHU Opioid Industry Documents Archive (OIDA) as a public resource to aid in navigating the collections. The data was gathered from 27 spreadsheets found in the Mallinckrodt Litigation Collection. You can view and download the original files and the process files (sorted, duplicates removed) that we used to generate the table here. While we have endeavored to provide accurate information based on the original data, this table may contain inadvertent errors. Users assume all risk of reliance on the information included on this site and we encourage users to examine the data in context with the documents available in the Mallinckrodt Litigation collection. We reserve the right to make changes and corrections to the table at any time, without notice. Please contact us at or with any questions.

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