IDL Collection Development Policy
The UCSF Industry Documents Library Collection Development Policy outlines the scope of collecting activities of the UCSF Industry Documents Library and provides detailed criteria for collecting decisions.

OIDA Collection Development Policy
The Opioid Industry Documents Archive Collection Development Policy defines the scope of the materials to be collected and preserved in OIDA; outlines the process of acquiring these materials; and provides detailed criteria for collecting decisions.

IDL Privacy Policy
The IDL Privacy Policy conforms to the UCSF Library Privacy Policy. It provides information about what user data is recorded and how that data is managed. The policy also details our approach to protecting private information which may appear in our document collections.

The IDL Takedown Policy provides information about copyright, intellectual property, and privacy concerns, and outlines the process for making a take-down request. The Takedown Policy is described within the IDL Collection Development Policy.

Downloading Files

Documents in the UCSF Industry Documents Library are scanned for viruses and other malware during processing and ingest workflows. Please be aware that there may still be a risk involved when downloading files to your computer. Users should take appropriate precautions such as using anti-virus software when downloading files from this website.