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Shell Oil Company Benzene Exposure Documents

Contains documents produced in a civil lawsuit against Shell Oil Company in 2008 - James Manuel Bishop, Jr., et al., Joann V. Bishop, and Shaun C. Bishop vs Shell Oil Company, et al. Civil Action No. 07-2832; US District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. In Bishop vs Shell Oil, et al., plaintiffs asserted various claims arising out of one plaintiff's contact with benzene as part of his employment.

These internal company documents highlight Shell Oil's knowledge of the risks associated with benzene and their attempts to intervene in government standards and minimize the information about adverse effects to workers. The unpublished data in this collection includes evidence of benzene exposure during many operations, in which the workers were placed at risk of developing a variety of blood cancers. Documents include decades of material safety data sheets (MSDS), sampling data from work areas, employee histories, OSHA communications, American Petroleum Institute (API) committee materials and correspondence, corporate research and publications, and exposure studies.