How to Cite Our Documents

When citing chemical industry documents, please use the permanent URL indicated in the document's record:[ID]

Please consult the journal in which you are publishing for additional specifications.

Sample Format:

Author. Title. Date of Document Year. Collection. Source. URL
Ferguson, BT; Shell Development Company. Correspondence regarding olefins and aromatics. 1956. Benzene Collection. Anonymous.

Citation Management

The directions below will help you set up a "tobacco document" reference style in EndNote or RefWorks. The "tobacco document" reference style can be used with all of our industry documents, not just tobacco. This specific reference style is not required to download and cite our documents but many users find it more helpful than using the "generic" reference style.

Tobacco Document Reference Type - EndNote [PDF]
For EndNote, download both files:

Tobacco Document Reference Type - RefWorks [PDF]