Thursday, September 10, 2020

RJR, Lorillard and Philip Morris Documents Additions

4,812 New Tobacco Industry Documents have been added to the site today!

Bibliography Updates:
5 new papers/publications added to the UCSF Industry Documents Bibliography this summer -

  1. Hendlin, Yogi Hale; Arcuri, Alessandra; Lepenies, Robert; Huesker, Frank. Like Oil and Water: The Politics of (Not) Assessing Glyphosate Concentrations in Aquatic Ecosystems. European Journal of Risk Regulation, September 2020.
  2. Arcuri, Alessandra; Hendlin, Yogi Hale. Introduction to the Symposium on the Science and Politics of Glyphosate. European Journal of Risk Regulation, Sept 2020.
  3. Schmidt, Laura ; Mialon, Melissa; Kearns, Cristin; Crosbie, Eric. Transnational corporations, obesity and planetary health. Lancet Planetary Health, July 2020.
  4. Levy, David T; Cummings, K Michael; Heckman, Bryan W; Li,Yameng; Yuan,Zhe; Smith, Tracy T; Meza,Rafael. The Public Health Gains Had Cigarette Companies Chosen to Sell Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes Nicotine & Tobacco Research July 2020.
  5. Pasetes,Sarah V.; Ling,Pamela M.;Apollonio, Dorie E. Cognitive performance effects of nicotine and industry affiliation: a systematic review. Substance Abuse, June 2020.
Thursday, August 13, 2020

Thousands of New Industry Documents Posted

Truth Tobacco Industry Documents Update:
12,993 new Tobacco Industry Documents added today! This includes:
Chemical Industry Documents Update:
1,936 documents added to the Sanjour Hazardous Waste Papers - This is the final batch of documents acquired from William Sanjour and the Bioscience Resource Project. These materials document Sanjour's career not only as a branch chief of the Hazardous Waste Management division at the EPA but ultimately, as a whistleblower on government corruption. See the William Sanjour Hazardous Waste Papers for more information.
Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Wm Sanjour Papers and More Tobacco Documents Added!

Tobacco Documents Update:
4811 new tobacco industry documents were posted -
Chemical Industry Documents Update:

William Sanjour Hazardous Waste Papers
We are very excited to announce the addition of this collection to our Chemical Industry Documents Archive. This first batch of documents will be joined by another 1700+ in the coming month so stay tuned!

In 1974, William Sanjour was appointed branch chief at the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) newly formed Hazardous Waste Management Division. In this position, he was to guide the agency in implementing its new responsibilities regulating industrial hazardous waste disposal. Increasingly concerned about industry interference and pressure on the EPA, Sanjour became a whistle-blower in 1978 in order to expose senior EPA officials' efforts to weaken environmental protection regulations. This collection contains a wealth of information on the inner workings of the Agency and the various EPA administrators, some of whom became consultants to waste management companies including Douglas Costle, Walter Barber, Lee Thomas and Rita Lavelle.

In the introduction to his 2013 memoir, Sanjour writes, "I confess I have a terrible memory and at eighty years of age it’s not getting any better. Because of my bad memory I’ve always saved documents, newspapers, and anything I thought might come in handy. However on becoming a whistle-blower this became doubly important as the government was constantly trying to invent ways to fire me. I have a filing cabinet next to me with four drawers of documents covering my thirty years at EPA as well as several boxes of documents. This collection has served me well over the years. It has provided source material and supporting material for many things I have written and said." In 2018, the 'drawers full of documents' were donated by Mr. Sanjour and digitized by the Bioscience Resource Project. In total, this collection contains 2500+ documents that shine a light on political and industry pressures on EPA regulators, as well as the pressures brought to bear on whistle-blowers in an attempt to silence them.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

23,000+ New Tobacco Industry Documents and New Chemical Industry Collection

Tobacco Industry Documents Update:
23,548 documents added to the Truth Tobacco Industry Documents:

Chemical Industry Documents Updates:
Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates Collection:
200+ documents concerning the Bayview Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Superfund Site remediation and cleanup acquired by the Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates in collaboration with the Democratic Socialists of America through public records requests, FOIA requests, and litigation sources. Funding to support processing and preservation of this collection has been provided by the UCSF Environmental Health Initiative and the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center's Office of Community Engagement.

Of note are years of Restoration Advisory Board Meeting packets and 2 Petitions to the Court, with Exhibits, to revoke Tetra Tech EC, Inc.'s Radiological Materials License due to fraud, data manipulation and falsification.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Over 12K New Tobacco Documents Posted!

We added 12,303 new Tobacco Industry Documents to the library this month: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New Library Website Feature!

We've added a "Report Error" button to the library interface so you can let us know about any document metadata that needs correcting or updating. You can suggest corrections for a single document or for multiple documents at a time.

In Search Results View: check the box next to the document(s) you want to address, then click the Report Error button in the toolbar. Use the pop-up form to edit metadata fields or write a brief message to us, and then click Send. Corrections will be reviewed by library staff before appearing on the site.

Screenshot showing location of Report Error button on menu bar on search results page

In Document View: click the Pencil (Edit) icon in the toolbar to report an error. Use the pop-up form to edit metadata fields or write a brief message to us, and then click Send. Corrections will be reviewed by library staff before appearing on the site.

Screenshot showing location of Report Error icon on menu bar of document view

As always we welcome your feedback about new and existing features of the Industry Documents Library - please get in touch with any questions or suggestions!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

18K New Tobacco & Drug Industry Documents Posted Today!

We added 18,534 Industry Documents to our Tobacco and Drug Collections. Here's the breakdown:
  • 33 new JUUL documents - video and audio interviews with JUUL founders Monsees and Bowen as well as transcriptions of these interviews; 2019 State of California Complaint against JUUL; and transcriptions of House Oversight Committee hearings regarding vaping
  • 35 documents in our new PMI Reuters Collection - This small but important collection of documents was acquired by Reuters News for their series of stories "Inside Philip Morris" concerning Philip Morris International's (PMI) use of resources to combat the WHO FCTC; their marketing of the Marlboro brand in India; clinical trial complications of iQOS; and lobbying various health officials in an effort to distance the iQOS device from traditional smoking and cigarettes.
  • 18,384 new RJ Reynolds Records
  • 39 new Lorillard Records
  • 43 new Paxil Litigation Documents on ghostwriting as well as Dolin litigation exhibits concerning adult suicide risks

Happy Earth Day/Week!  We took to Twitter on Wednesday 4/22 to celebrate Earth Day by showcasing fossil fuel,  PFAS, EPA and Roundup/glyphosate documents revealing industry interference in efforts to protect the environment and public health. Take a tour through the thread to visit these important collections.
Thursday, February 27, 2020

New Food and Tobacco Industry Documents Posted

9,300+ new documents were added to the IDL this week!

4,119 New Tobacco Industry Documents including:

5,198 documents in a new Food Industry Documents collection:

  • We are please to announce the addition of our new Food Industry Collection, the D. Mark Hegsted Papers. Hegsted was a Professor of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, held various advisory positions within governmental organizations, served as president of the American Institute of Nutrition (AIN), worked with the Nutrition Foundation, and served as editor of Nutrition Reviews. Hegsted helped to draft the original Dietary Goals for Americans, later adapted into the Federal publication, Dietary Guidelines for Americans which recommended adding more fruit and vegetables to the diet and decreasing consumption of saturated fats.