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The Truth Tobacco Industry Documents archive contains more than 7,000 tobacco industry video recordings including focus groups, internal corporate meetings, depositions of industry employees, government hearings, corporate communications, and commercials.

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California Tobacco Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP)
The mission of the California Tobacco Related Disease Research Program is to support research that focuses on the prevention, causes, and treatment of tobacco-related disease and the reduction of the human and economic costs of tobacco use in California. TRDRP has provided generous funding and support for the acquisition and processing of the video and audio resources.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI)
RPCI provides direct patient care as well as research and education into the causes and prevention of cancer. The Roswell Park Tobacco Control Program is a source of information and assistance on tobacco issues for smokers, businesses, educators, and health professionals, as well as local and international organizations. As a result of a successful lawsuit by the New York State Attorney General, RPCI acquired and scanned the document collections of the Tobacco Institute and Council for Tobacco Research. The content of the audiovisual collection focuses primarily on tobacco industry public relations efforts.

Internet Archive
The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization, located in San Francisco that was founded to build an "Internet library," with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format. The Internet Archive has given the UCSF Library a means to provide access to these unique digital resources. The Library will continue to add materials to Internet Archive as we process them. View the video recordings in the Industry Documents Library's collection at the Internet Archive.