Thursday, June 18, 2020CHEMICALTOBACCO

23,000+ New Tobacco Industry Documents and New Chemical Industry Collection

Tobacco Industry Documents Update:
23,548 documents added to the Truth Tobacco Industry Documents:

Chemical Industry Documents Updates:
Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates Collection:
200+ documents concerning the Bayview Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Superfund Site remediation and cleanup acquired by the Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates in collaboration with the Democratic Socialists of America through public records requests, FOIA requests, and litigation sources. Funding to support processing and preservation of this collection has been provided by the UCSF Environmental Health Initiative and the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center's Office of Community Engagement.

Of note are years of Restoration Advisory Board Meeting packets and 2 Petitions to the Court, with Exhibits, to revoke Tetra Tech EC, Inc.'s Radiological Materials License due to fraud, data manipulation and falsification.

Friday, May 22, 2020TOBACCO

Over 12K New Tobacco Documents Posted!

We added 12,303 new Tobacco Industry Documents to the library this month: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New Library Website Feature!

We've added a "Report Error" button to the library interface so you can let us know about any document metadata that needs correcting or updating. You can suggest corrections for a single document or for multiple documents at a time.

In Search Results View: check the box next to the document(s) you want to address, then click the Report Error button in the toolbar. Use the pop-up form to edit metadata fields or write a brief message to us, and then click Send. Corrections will be reviewed by library staff before appearing on the site.

Screenshot showing location of Report Error button on menu bar on search results page

In Document View: click the Pencil (Edit) icon in the toolbar to report an error. Use the pop-up form to edit metadata fields or write a brief message to us, and then click Send. Corrections will be reviewed by library staff before appearing on the site.

Screenshot showing location of Report Error icon on menu bar of document view

As always we welcome your feedback about new and existing features of the Industry Documents Library - please get in touch with any questions or suggestions!

Thursday, April 23, 2020DRUGTOBACCO

18K New Tobacco & Drug Industry Documents Posted Today!

We added 18,534 Industry Documents to our Tobacco and Drug Collections. Here's the breakdown:
  • 33 new JUUL documents - video and audio interviews with JUUL founders Monsees and Bowen as well as transcriptions of these interviews; 2019 State of California Complaint against JUUL; and transcriptions of House Oversight Committee hearings regarding vaping
  • 35 documents in our new PMI Reuters Collection - This small but important collection of documents was acquired by Reuters News for their series of stories "Inside Philip Morris" concerning Philip Morris International's (PMI) use of resources to combat the WHO FCTC; their marketing of the Marlboro brand in India; clinical trial complications of iQOS; and lobbying various health officials in an effort to distance the iQOS device from traditional smoking and cigarettes.
  • 18,384 new RJ Reynolds Records
  • 39 new Lorillard Records
  • 43 new Paxil Litigation Documents on ghostwriting as well as Dolin litigation exhibits concerning adult suicide risks

Happy Earth Day/Week!  We took to Twitter on Wednesday 4/22 to celebrate Earth Day by showcasing fossil fuel,  PFAS, EPA and Roundup/glyphosate documents revealing industry interference in efforts to protect the environment and public health. Take a tour through the thread to visit these important collections.
Thursday, March 26, 2020

Over Half-a-Million Pages Now in the Food Industry Documents Archive!

Food Industry Documents Update:

  • 10,290 new documents were added to the D. Mark Hegsted Papers collection on our Food Industry Documents Archive. This latest batch brings the Food Industry Documents to 575,471 pages in 133,324 documents! Thanks to the UCSF Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies and the Center for Tobacco Research and Education for an amazing collaborative effort to build this archive and to the Laura and John Arnold Foundation for funding our archive and giving researchers the infrastructure to begin investigation into US food and nutrition policy.

Tobacco Industry Documents Update:

Thursday, February 27, 2020FOODTOBACCO

New Food and Tobacco Industry Documents Posted

9,300+ new documents were added to the IDL this week!

4,119 New Tobacco Industry Documents including:

5,198 documents in a new Food Industry Documents collection:

  • We are please to announce the addition of our new Food Industry Collection, the D. Mark Hegsted Papers. Hegsted was a Professor of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, held various advisory positions within governmental organizations, served as president of the American Institute of Nutrition (AIN), worked with the Nutrition Foundation, and served as editor of Nutrition Reviews. Hegsted helped to draft the original Dietary Goals for Americans, later adapted into the Federal publication, Dietary Guidelines for Americans which recommended adding more fruit and vegetables to the diet and decreasing consumption of saturated fats.

Friday, January 24, 2020DRUGFOODTOBACCO

15 Million Documents and Counting!

This month we posted over 14,000 new industry documents to the site, surpassing the 15 million documents mark. Here's the breakdown of new documents added to the site in January 2020:

12,066 new Tobacco Documents including =

529 new Drug Industry Documents in two new Opioid Documents Collections =

  • Oklahoma Opioid Litigation Documents - selected Johnson & Johnson defendant exhibits and State exhibits admitted during trial in a lawsuit brought by the State of Oklahoma against Purdue, Johnson & Johnson, and other drug companies. The exhibits produced by Johnson & Johnson include agendas, minutes, and transcripts of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Drug Utilization Review Board; data summaries and confidential reports on opioids, including investigations of use, abuse, misuse, and diversion of specific drugs (fentanyl, tapentadol [brand name Nucynta]).
  • Washington Post Opioid Collection - exhibits entered by the defendants in the Ohio opioid multi-district litigation (MDL 2804) which were unsealed after a legal challenge by The Washington Post and the owner of the Charleston Gazette-Mail (HD Media) in West Virginia. The documents reveal detailed communications, strategies, and reports by drug distributors to evade suspicious order monitoring compliance procedures in order to increase sales and profits from addictive drugs.

2,017 documents in the new Food Industry Documents collection =

  • Franklin Bing Papers - In partnership with the Annette and Irwin Eskind Family Biomedical Library and Learning Center at Vanderbilt University, we have added a selection of personal papers of nutritionist and chemist Franklin Church Bing (1902-1988), a leading food scientist and government/industry consultant.

Season’s Greetings from the UCSF Industry Documents Library!

The UCSF Industry Documents Library staff would like to thank all of you for your continued support and rigorous research into the Truth Tobacco Industry Documents, Drug Industry Documents, Chemical Industry Documents, Food Industry Documents, and new Fossil Fuel Industry Documents collections. Your scholarship has influenced public health policy around the world and produced over 1060 papers and publications using the documents.

Highlights of 2019
14,997,111 documents now up on IDL!

  • Over 52,900 tobacco documents were added to the Truth Tobacco Industry Documents
  • We added our first collection on JUUL Labs
  • We established an Opioid Litigation documents collection in the Drug Industry Documents Archive with more planned for 2020
  • More than 100 new documents were added to the Chemical Industry Documents Archive, including a new collection on PFAS chemicals which were featured in the 2018 documentary The Devil We Know (and are also the subject of the new Mark Ruffalo film Dark Waters)
  • Our Food Industry Documents Archive more than doubled in size, with over 74,000 new documents added this year. New collections include papers of nutritionists Fredrick J. Stare, Charles Glen King, and Nevin Scrimshaw, as well as subject files from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and records of the BC Sugar Refining Company
  • We built a new Fossil Fuel Industry Documents Archive to house over 1,100 documents from the Climate Investigations Center’s Climate Files project, which detail the fossil fuel industry's research and reaction to anthropogenic climate change beginning in the 1950s to the present.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Industry Documents Library to help us add new collections in 2020!

From all of us at the IDL, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year!
Kate, Rachel, Rebecca and Sven